Viza & Invitation

If foreign national obtain a Russian visa, it gives him legal right to cross borders of the Russian Federation for purposes of stay, which he has indicated in his visa application. Visa registration is an internal structured process and even the slightest violation can lead to a refusal by consular authorities. Russian visa provides a right of entry to the country and staying in the Russian Federation within the period allowed. At the same time, the key characteristics of the given document are its time frame and purpose(s) of the journey. Violation of the allowed length of stay or declared purposes entails prosecution and deportation. Pay attention! The purposes you are declaring can’t be changed after the visa registration. That’s why you need to identify them as clear as you can during the preparation of documents.
The conditions for entry of foreign citizens into the Russian Federation can be read here:


How much do you need to pay to obtain Russian visa? The overall amount consists of consular fees and services fees. The second position means that you additionally pay for services of the Visa Center that provides you with a visa. When applying you need to pay a consular fee, whose size depends on the urgency of an issuance and the country of living of the foreigner.
– For citizens of the European Union’s member states: 35 euros within standard time frame and 70 euros for fast-track issuance.
– For citizens of the US, Great Britain and Canada: 140 and 250 euros respectively.
Pay attention! In the case of denial, fees are not the subject of return so you need to focus on filling documents in the right way observing all the instructions and recommendations.


What happens after you apply to a consulate? Within what timeframe you can gain Russian visa? After receiving profile and attached documents, the authorities should check the following information:
– Completeness of the documents provided
– Compliance of the foreign national’s profile with the data indicated in the invitation (purposes, timing and duration)
– Absence of official bans on the applicant’s staying in the territory of the Russian Federation
The processing time depends on physical and technical opportunities of the consular office. The maximum duration of document checking and issuance of a visa don’t exceed 10 days since the moment of applying. In cases of paying the fast-track fee and having special occasions, you can get a visa in one day.